Let’s get into that winter mood…
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…dressed up all in shades of blue. For sure one of my favorite color when it comes to clothing. For men in general, I would say. That’s why most of the designer and brands focus on blue in their men’s fashion collection. 

Winter fashion styles that make…
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…me smile and keep me warm of course. I think that’s the most important thing, for sure. But that doesn’t mean, you can’t with style. Some people think in winter you don’t have to keep an eye on what you are wearing, as long as it keeps you warm and cozy. And some also have the wrong assumption, that winter styles don’t look fashionable. 

Let’s take some time to talk about fashion…
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…phew, the last days were quite busy. I’m now back in Zurich for a few days. So, I’m happy to have some minutes for myself and write to you. I hope you’ve got some time for yourself, too, and even find a few hours to enjoy the beautiful fall we’re enjoying here in Switzerland. How beautiful, isn’t it?

From Irish fisherman to everyone…
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…then I’m talking about the classic and well-known cable knit. Originally, this kind of sweater was popular amongst the Irish fishermen back in the days. However, it turned to an important and worldwide popular it-piece within the last years. 

Trendy fall fashion 2019…
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…or how to be stylish and stay warm at the same time. When it gets colder, it doesn’t mean it gets less fashionable or less stylish. Not at all. As probably mentioned already a hundred times, it offers you so many different styling options and combinations.

When with Zalando casual meets classic…
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…fashionable and stylish outfits are guaranteed. And more sooner than later, fall is around the corner. The temperatures are getting colder and our clothes warmer. I mean, we still have some beautiful and even warm days ahead.