It’s time for my cup of tea…
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…and some relaxing hours with my family and friends. Lately, it was quite difficult to see all my loved ones since I was so busy and traveling a lot because of my work. 

Vitznau – A relaxing family weekend…
se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht

…only at second sight. Because when I tell you about the busy program we had during the two days of this getaway, then it seems rather stressful. Well yes, we had quite a lot on the program when my mum, my sister and I decided to make this kind of family getaway. But busy doesn’t always mean stressful.

A piece of time...
Timepiece & cuff: Daniel Wellington

It’s quite scary how time is passing by so fast. There is no need to say what kind of bad things happen every day; we all know that. Living in Switzerland is one of the most valuable gifts we have, though. But we often forget to appreciate that due to having “no time”.

A wonderful dream (holidays are coming)...
Outfit: PKZ MEN,

«There's a source of inspiration in the air. Let the magic dry your tears and heal your heart. A wonderful dream of love and peace for everyone. Of living our lives in perfect harmony. A wonderful dream of joy and fun for everyone. To celebrate a life where all are free.»

I guess that’s one of the most famous songs during Christmas time and to be honest one of my personal favorites.