Let’s talk business…
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…and about the right fashion for the more formal office jobs. As you might know, although it’s hard to believe, I was one of the guys walking down the streets of Zurich head held up in a chic suit. Yes, I was a banker back then, before I decided to quit my rather boring bank job to focus on the modeling and blogger career. And so far I didn’t regret it at all.

When I was a banker...
Business T-Shirt: CALIDA

Not that long ago, I’ve worked eight to five for a big bank where I had to sit in front of a computer at my desk and all I needed to wear was one thing – a suit. Everyday and all day long. It always felt like the song “nothing suits me like a suit” from the guy, who wears a suit at its best and made them even more popular, I guess – Mister Barney Stinson (out of one of my favorite sitcoms “How I Met Your Mother”).