Goodbye, summer jeans...
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…will you ever come back for another big return. Well okay, you may know the original song and the much better and more creative lyrics. But while thinking about the summer, which is definitely gone now here in Zurich, one of the saddest songs crossed my mind. And I cannot tell you the exact reason. I guess I was looking at the pictures, which we shot some weeks ago and at the same time thinking about the hours we’ve spent during the photo shoot on this lovely terrace full of sunshine – despite a shooting schedule. I definitely cannot complain about my job in this weather.


Another summer weekend is calling, so you’d...
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…better get up early, drive somewhere into nature, enjoy a lovely picnic in the sun and do some wellness to end a busy week.

Summer BBQ – that time of the year again…
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Is there something more beautiful and cool than enjoying summer nights on a lovely rooftop in the middle of a city you like with great company and good food? I guess no. During summertime, BBQ nights are simply one of my favorite things on how to spend my free summer evenings. 

Herzlauf – show heart, take part…
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…for a good cause! This is something which is really important to me and an affair of the heart. And I am part of it since it all started in 2012. My friend and former Miss Earth Switzerland Irina de Giorgi founded this charity run back then to help children in Switzerland with heart diseases.

I’m sitting here…
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…not in a boring room but on a lonely stairs but still being happy. The song “Lemon Tree” of Fool’s Garden is coming to my mind so often. And I think, you all know the song.

Workout routine – The Leg day…
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…so unpopular among a lot of people and therefore often neglected. But the legs are one of the most important muscle groups to work out because they’re one of the biggest of our body.