A healthy posture through...
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... the posture shirts 2.0. We all now that there are different perspectives when we're talking about how to position ourselves. In this blogpost, it's not about our attitude and opinion but especially about our body and its posture. And the key problem is clearly this one: We don’t move ourselves enough. We sit hours and hours in the office and we don’t find the time (and motivation) to get the balance of our bodies. And this may result in neck and back pain.


From summer into...
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...Summer! Directly back to it again. I’m quite happy about my timing and luck this time. It could have been way a lot worse. It seems as if I just missed the darker days and spent them in a sunny city instead. I love the Spanish cities and I always enjoy my time there, no matter if it is job-related or for a short holiday.

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Welcome to my world… Being an international male model I have the opportunity to come across many different things and exciting places all around the world. I am happy to share my adventures now with you in an official way. Throughout my work as a model I am familiar with fashion, lifestyle and travel and I can share with you the latest trends and must-haves. Honestly the most important thing when it comes to blogging is your audience, means YOU!