My daily grooming routine...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

Hello guys! I just came back from another job in Germany. I’m always happy, when I get the opportunity to travel and I appreciate this part of my job.

A little stubble never hurt...
Beard Designer: Babyliss

Well, our beard is definitely one of the trends during the last few years. Some predicted its end this year but wherever you look around, the trend seems to be alive. Beard soaps, wax and oils are available nearly everywhere. When it comes to the topic beard styles, there are so many out there, which I cannot cover all here. Everyone needs to discover his own style by himself or visiting a barber shop and looking for the perfect fit there. It’s definitely a way to express yourself in another way than clothing or changing your haircut. It is a great possibility if you’re able to grow a beard and if you take care of it.