Barcelona – start the day right and…
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…with the most beautiful thing you can do – watching the sunrise. I know, it’s quite hard to get up early in the morning when everything is still dark and the cozy and warm bed is calling you to stay. But believe me, sometimes it’s totally worth it, especially when being in such a wonderful city like Barcelona.

Take me to the beach...
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Finally, my favorite season of the year is on its way. It’s my personal preference because I love summer time and hanging around without thinking about taking a warm jacket with me. Next to that, I prefer this season when it comes to my job, too.

The Tourist – vacation mood is on…
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Usually in August there is vacation mood everywhere. Especially in my industry you can notice that. Many of the clients, agencies and production companies are away on vacation during this summer time. And this is absolutely right. I mean it is important to relax sometimes and recharge your batteries.