The sweet temptation…

Schokolade: LINDOR von Lindt

Everybody likes… Chocolate! Lindt is looking for a new brand ambassador and I’ve had the idea to show the two kinds of chocolate lovers. There are ones they like it cool & crispy and other ones prefer it tender melting.

It is said, that there’s nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate. And I have to admit – the saying is not that wrong. Back to 2004, a fancy song just explained the whole phenomenon with a few funny words. It goes like: “It makes you happy, it gets you sexy and it will make you fat. Well, the last aspect is the only bad thing about it. But, what is so special about chocolate? There are many theories about the whole topic and science doesn’t seem to stop showing new results every year. What seems quite clear is the fact, that the amount of cocoa is essential and connected to many results. The darker the chocolate the better it is for us. I love white chocolate, though! During the first few seconds you taste the chocolate you’re receiving a sensory pleasure. Within 15 minutes you get the energy burst. But, the negative side effect (especially when it comes to milk chocolate) is the time after that, around one hour later. The blood glucose level falls and well, it causes a lower blood sugar level than you’ve had before. Hello headache, fatigue and lethargy! If you’re a dark chocolate lover (70% cocoa or more), then you’re on the good side. It is the more cheerful option – they say. But next to our mood or the tasting, it has other effects as well. Chocolate shall also calm your stress level or reduce your blood pressure and so on.

Whatever it is what makes this piece of food so lovely and special - enjoy it during the next weeks to the fullest. Hit the gym and I’m sure you’ll be fine even if you’re a little addict. For me, it is extremely delicious – and this counts, doesn’t it?

Chocolate: LINDOR by Lindt

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