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…that’s what is trendy nowadays, and rightly so! Sustainability is a big topic lately all around the world and it is indeed something we should be concerned about and we especially should take care of our planet. Because it’s the only one we have to live in. 

And in fact, that we already can talk about sweater weather, meaning weather conditions which allows you to go outdoors just wearing a sweater, is quite scary to me, because we are in the middle of February, means in the middle of winter, usually. But, we are expecting lots of sun and some mild spring temperatures for the weekend. Of course, on one hand I am looking forward to this warm and sunny weather. On the other hand it’s the proof that we can’t deny anymore that there is a global warming and shifting of the seasons and weather conditions. 

Therefore, there is an urge to fight this global warming and to invest more in sustainability and try to live more consciously towards our planet. However, I am not a big fan of exaggerated scare tactics and implementing hasty measurements. But definitely there should be done something, in every field of our lives. And each and everyone of us can contribute to make this world a better place. 

For example with choosing the right fashion. The fashion industry is in a big change, too. The trend is definitely more towards sustainably sourced materials and sustainable production processes in the fashion industry. So give it a try and pay attention on what you buy. Again, I don’t expect you to only buy sustainable fashion. Because I am also far away from that. But each and every little contribution towards it, is already a step in the right direction.

That’s why I put together an outfit where all pieces are out of their sustainable collection. The reason I did this, is to show you, that sustainable fashion doesn’t need to be boring. Don’t you agree?

Outfit: Zalando Casual

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