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Shoes: GEOX by Ochsner Shoes

Sustainability is one of the big words since quite a long time now. And it doesn’t really matter where you’re looking at. Sustainability concerns our daily life and all the different views and aspects that come with it. It may be the rather simple decision whether we use our car or the train to go to work, which products we buy for preparing our meals and which clothes and shoes we’re going to wear.

And well, last but not least, as a former banker, I must say, how we invest our money is also a question of sustainability just in another context. The university programs are more and more complemented with modules like “sustainability and career”, “sustainable development”, “digital sustainability”, “corporate responsibility and sustainable organizational development” – the list goes on and on. So we can see that it’s quite a big deal and not just a simple trend.

The aim seems to be quite the same for each of these aspects: To keep it short and simple, something should be ecologically arguable. This includes the preservation and protection of our nature and its resources. I’m not here to teach you about the details in every single aspect of our life, as I’m not following the perfect path either. But personally, I still try to open my focus and increase my knowledge on this topic and act in the best way possible.

When it comes to sustainable clothes and shoes, the brands show that sustainable fashion does not have to look boring. Not at all. It can be noticed that the sustainable aspect lies in more details than we can think of. The material of the shoes for example can be natural, the packaging can be made out of special technologies, which decrease the amount of waste. The sole can be some kind of gum, which is 100% degradable and recyclable. And as you can see on the photos below: the shoes are still fashionable in its way and can be combined with everything you want to wear. So, I’m curious how many other brands (and new ones) are going more into this direction and how the fashion industry is going to change during the next couple of years.

Shoes: GEOX by Ochsner Shoes

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