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…spend a perfect Sunday? Basically, it’s not much. Well, all I want on a Sunday morning is to sleep in, no alarm clock, no obligations. And the best way to do so is when you’re on vacation, right?

And it’s even better when you are staying in a hotel like the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz where you get so many different reasons to spend the perfect Sunday. And I promise you, it’s hard to get out of the stylish and comfy hotel rooms, or in my case the spa suite, which has so many things to offer. So many that I could stay all day in my hotel suite because they’re offering everything I need for a relaxing Sunday.

Sounds great, right? It is even more than that. To be honest, it’s probably one of the best hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in, if not the best. I was literally overwhelmed when the butler (yes, there is an own butler 24/7 available for you) showed me the room, well let’s say the spa suite or even better said, it’s like a penthouse apartment. Anyways, I have a big living room and balcony with a view to the valley and the mountains. An own working area, where I am writing this blog post right now. Followed by the bedroom with a big comfortable bed, where you can adjust the mattress according to your preferences (either soft, medium or hard) for the best sleeping comfort. And there is a big wardrobe, which is so often missed in many hotels. But here, I have enough space for all my clothes and belongings. 

Then the highlight – the spacious and luxurious en-suite bathroom with own private spa. So, you don’t need to go the the hotel spa if you just want to relax in private. There you find your own sauna, shower with integrated steam room, and a whirlpool. I mean, do I need to give you some more reasons to stay in the room all day? 

Of course, I can’t start the day without a healthy and balanced breakfast. So what did I do? I ordered it to the room, with the actual newspaper and of course coffee. I can’t live without coffee. In any case, you have your own coffee machine in the room as well. Completed by fresh and different waters, fruits and sweets. 

Yes, I guess that’s all I need to survive on a Sunday. Don’t you agree? Thank you Grand Resort Bad Ragaz for sweetening my Sunday.

Location: Spa Suites @ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Take care & write you soon…



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