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Yes, this week has been very triste and rainy. So it’s high time for some sunshine again. Because hey, we’re still in summer and I prefer hot and sunny days over cloudy and cold ones. Who doesn’t?!

However, this week is very busy with lots of blog work, planning new projects and doing some office stuff and of course it is also loaded with shootings. So it’s actually not the worst week for bad weather since I couldn’t enjoy the sun to the fullest anyways.

Nevertheless, I feel that I need some warm sunrays on my skin who give me some energy back. With sunshine everything goes easier, at least speaking for me. It’s amazing how you can observe the immediate mood change of yourself and the people around you when the sun is coming out again.

Therefore, I tried to fight the cold and rainy weather by pretending that it’s still summer and shot a series of pictures topless right before an upcoming storm. And yes, the looks of the people passing by were priceless.

Anyways, I hope my kind of sun dance serves the purpose and the hopefully the sun is coming back soon. At least the weather forecast is quite promising.

Take care & write you soon…


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