Summer, Sun, Sunshine – finally you are here…

Beachwear Calvin Klein & Diesel by PKZ

Yes, I am a sun worshiper – even a lot. This was not always the case. Far from it! As a child I was pretty afraid of the sun. I tried to avoid the sun either at home or on vacation almost like the sunrays would hurt my sensible skin. You can ask my mother if you want, what torture she had with me. She, the one who wanted to enjoy the sun as much as possible, had always searched for shadow because of me, applied sunscreen with protection factor 50 and worried about carrying a hat and t-shirt.

Well, like so many things in life, this completely changed. Lying in the shadow? Never ever! I want to enjoy the sun. Feel the warming sunrays on my skin to soak up a plenty of vitamin D. The sun gives me power, energy and especially it sprays good mood all over. And this year? We didn’t get spoiled much by the incredible effect of the sun yet. However if it is the case and the weather is showing its sunny side, just go ahead. Take my beachwear, take off my t-shirt and go sun bathing for that I won’t stay as pale as a swiss cheese anymore. But don’t forget the sunscreen. Even sun worshiper shouldn’t underestimate the impact UV rays have and protect yourself against it, for that you still can enjoy the sun painless.

An in these days of the wonderful and sunny weather I immediately come into vacation mood. Enjoy life, relaxing all day in the sun without thinking about the work or being always reachable. Yes, just chilling at the pool, sipping a delicious cocktail and listening to good music. This is pure relaxation! And of course a refreshing on such a hot and sunny day shouldn’t be missing. A jump into the cool water – is there anything more beautiful? Therefore I won’t miss out to enjoy the sun on such a beautiful summer day and take a break between shootings and castings since the planning of vacation is difficult anyways due to my job.

Usefully, let the sunshine heat up your heart and enjoy these days!

Beachwear: Calvin Klein & Diesel – available in the shops of PKZ MEN or online
Sunglasses: Ray Ban & X-ray Eyewear

Take care & write you soon…



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