The summer stripes...

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Normally, I am not a big fan of stripes when it comes to fashion and clothing. However this spring/summer season stripes are totally in-fashion and can be seen everywhere. Therefore I didn’t want to miss the trend and needed to try it out whether I am going to like it or not.

And I must admit it clearly wasn’t love at first sight. When I saw this t-shirt on the hanger, I wasn’t really sure if it will look good on me. But surprisingly it does, I mean at least I like it. There can be always discussions about taste for sure. But to me, if it is worn, it looks so much better than just hanging lifeless at the clothes rail.

Usually, it is said that horizontal stripes aren’t advantageous for the shape since it lets you look wider than you actually are. But in this case I can’t see this fact on here. I guess this is because it isn’t all over striped. On contrary, it even looks very fresh and summery and I love this kind of pastel tone of the green color. Pastel tones in colors are also a trend for the coming summer season. But I well tell you more about that later.

Therefore, I think with this t-shirt by Esprit you can’t be wrong for a cool and casual summer look. Just combine it with a skinny blue jeans or even black one as I did on here and add cool white sneakers and there you have your trendy summer outfit.

Well, then I wish you already a happy weekend and may the sun stay out and get us even into a better summer mood.

T-Shirt: Esprit

Take care & write you soon…



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