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…weather is bright and warm like on the pictures. Yes, at the moment it’s the opposite of summer. It wouldn’t be surprising if there will be even snow fall. It feels more like fall or winter with heavy rain all day long and cold temperatures.

However, for me that’s no reason not to talk about summer and some cool summer looks which are easy to create. And while doing so, hopefully the sun reminds the current season and will bring its sunshine back. In any case, sooner or later the summer is around the corner and you’d better be ready.

In summer, where we usually don’t wear that many clothes as in other seasons, it seems to be easy to put together some fashionable outfits. Well, it’s not that easy as it seems to be. Because I love it when I have more options and layers to create a cool fashion style. If you don’t have that many clothing pieces you need to make sure to pimp your outfit with cool and suitable accessories. So, it’s all about jewelry, watches, shoes and of course – sunglasses.

A week ago, when the weather was summerlike we shot this sunny pictures with cool different styles which are easy to imitate and with ones you are ready for the warmer days. And don’t forget: In summer you can go brighter and more colorful and combine different colors which is known as color-blocking.

And here are three of my most important fashion tips for the coming summer:

  1. It’s all about swimwear with bright colors or fancy flower prints or patterns. Be brave and try out some new things!
  2. I love ripped jeans shorts in summer, I could almost wear them every day. Make sure to buy well fitted shorts which ends a little bit above the knees and roll it up. To me, this is so stylish.
  3. Combine heavy or big sneakers with shorts. My favorite combination is to wear the high rise Converse with it. You could even take some Nike Air Max or Adidas Stan Smith. All of them look so cool together with jeans shorts. It doesn’t always have to be flip-flops or sandals.

I hope you could get a little inspiration in summer fashion and all what we can do now is hoping for the sun to shine and warmer days to rock the sunny weather.

Take care & write you soon…



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