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…to be ready to enjoy a hopefully another sunny weekend. But what to wear as a man with these hot temperatures to look stylish and cool at the same time? The most obvious answer is, that it’s easy because you can’t wear that many clothes or styling pieces.

But to me, this is the most difficult part. The question is how to style a cool and fashionable outfit when it’s almost 30 degrees Celsius outside and while doing so not to look cheap or inappropriately dressed? And I have to admit, my favorite clothing piece in summer is rather a tank top. However, it looks very fast too easy-going, which is perfect to spend a day at the lake or beach, but not like in a fashion context.

Still, I don’t need to abstain from my favorite piece in summer. You just need to combine and style it together in a way to create a complete summer look. Therefore, I’ve chosen to wear some grey slim-fit jeans matching my flecked with gray tank top. For the shoes, I went with some chucks in a cool new color. The ruby-pink colored shoes put a highlight on the overall look and it just matches the short-sleeved dress shirt perfectly.

I think especially in summer we should go for more colors, not to exaggerate but just to set some highlights in our looks. That’s why I decided to go with the pink squared shirt and the matching shoes. It’s all about the fine but important details when styling together any outfit.

So, since the weekend is coming in big steps, you’d better get ready fashion-wise and think about how to rock that weekend fashionable.

Take care & write you soon...



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