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…or what to wear when it’s bloody hot outside and you still want to look stylish? That’s a good question, indeed. Because being stylish often means wearing many layers and different clothing pieces than just a shorts and a t-shirt or even better a tanktop. 

But yes, only wearing a t-shirt and shorts is not that stylish and often looks cheap or just appropriate enough for going to the beach. Which is fine, if you have planned to spend a day at the beach but in any other case don’t do it.

So, how can you be dressed stylish to attend any summer party, accept a nice dinner invitation or meet-up for a business lunch and you don’t have to suffer from the heat. Actually, it’s pretty easy and you don’t have to think too much. Jeans shorts or nice chino shorts are of course appropriate to wear when you are in a hot summer destination like Cape Town. Just add some stylish and clean sneakers or loafers and you’re fine for the bottom part. 

For the top part, I would reccomend to go for a casual dress shirt. Don’t wear the long-sleeved business shirts, they’re too warm. Rather go for a stylish short-sleeve and loose shirt. And why not with a summery print like flowers, palms and so on. As long as it still looks stylish and not too cheap or like the stereo-type of a tourist.    

So have fun to think about your new summer wardrobe, because believe me, the next summer is coming for sure, maybe sooner than you think.

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