Summer Dream - Trend color of the year: rose quartz...

Outfit: Scotch&Soda, Jewelry: BaliBay

Well, summer is hiding this year for a long time already. Thank god, the sun is a little out at least today. Reason enough to come into summer mood 2016 on the fashion side. And this year it is all about fresh and bright colors, so at least the outfits are shining if the sun doesn’t play the game.

One of the absolute trend colors of the year, no matter for men or women, is “rose quartz”. This warm and gentle rose tone is just the right antidote to the stressful daily routine nowadays. The color gives a soothing sense of order and peace. Typically also in the world of colors the yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent in this hectic world.

Despite of the soothing psychological impact of that color, it is also very beautiful to look at and perfect to combine. And the man is allowed to be brave and show color. An amazing opportunity to implement this trend color into your next summer outfit is this wonderful and slim-fit blazer of Scotch & Soda. For the brave ones of you, you can combine this blazer with absolutely cool shorts with a green blue pattern and adding a loose-cut t-shirt with blue white stripes. And there you have your perfect summer look which is attracting the attention on the street with its fresh attitude.

A bit more decent you can wear the outfit with a white dress shirt or you choose a one-colored dark blue shorts. But I must say, that would be a shame, since I am just so much into this cool and wild shorts in green blue. For me a must-have this summer! You can combine the shorts if you want it to have a little more calm with a plain white or dark blue t-shirt. As you can see there are no limits in combining your summer outfit 2016! The best way is to try it out by yourself. All looks and even many more cool summer styles are available at Scotch & Soda Store in Zürich or online.

So the questions about the perfect summer outfit are answered now but please could it get a little warmer and sunnier here. With this fresh outfit in mind I am lost in thought being somewhere at a sunny beach. I can see myself walking along this beach. Feeling the smooth sand between my feet and every time when due to a wave the cool and refreshing sea water is covering my feet, I am sinking more and more into the sand. Sweeping my look out of the wide blue ocean. This incredible feeling of independence and freedom – a summer dream! And I want to experience that – as soon as possible…

The perfectly matching song for getting into summer mood can you find here: Summer Dream by Mike Candy’s & Evelyn (it was much fun to be part of the music video).

Outfit: Scotch & Soda, Rämistrasse 6, 8001 Zürich
Jewelry: BaliBay - inspired by nature

Take care & write you soon…



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