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Our summer here is having a bit of up’s and down’s recently. That’s why I’m not sad at all that I’m able to enjoy some additional summer days in another country soon. My schedule is totally packed at the moment. Therefore, I can’t wait to get some tan again and get a big portion of rest.

However, I love to sit outside in summer in my city, enjoying a delicious dinner and nice conversations and yeah, did I mention that I’m in love with rooftops?

Sure, we can see that Zurich is not exactly like New York or some of the cities with all the skyscrapers and great skylines but still, being on top of a higher building here gives me a special feeling.

Watching how the sun goes down, see the traffic jams and feeling happy not to be part of it for once and getting a chance to enjoy great food in a lovely atmosphere. What else may I need? I’m not a food blogger and I’m clearly not planning to switch the direction, but still I need to show you some of the creations I could taste during this evening. Simply delicious, believe me!

I love to live in an area where you can taste just everything, every kind of food you can think of. It just depends on your mood and the amount of time you have, as popular places might be quite crowded. In situations like this, I’m able to slow down a bit and all of a sudden, I forget about the long to do list and my full agenda. And I can tell you that I’m absolutely grateful to have the opportunity to live this kind of life.

Location: ooo Rooftop Restaurant, Zurich
Slipper: Bugatti by Ochsner Shoes

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