Summer BBQ – that time of the year again…

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Cooking together, prepare some delicious things, enjoying the view from above, seeing some sunsets and just let a good and busy day come to an end. All in all, it’s a lovely lifestyle and gives you the time to relax you need – at least from time to time.

When I’m part of BBQ reunions, I’m always famous for my beloved summer salads. I’m happy about the BBQ we’ve planned here to take some photos for an influencer campaign I’ve been part of. Let me just show you two of my favorite salad recipes which you can easily do by yourself to bring some popular dishes to the BBQ night. And I’m sure, you’re going to receive positive feedback as I do.

Watermelon feta salad

This is just such a refreshing option for a hot summer night. And all you need to do is to cut the Watermelon in little slices and mix it with feta cheese. For the dressing, only use balsamico vinegar and olive oil and some salt and pepper. That’s it. Add some fresh mint leaves to decorate and give it the fresh touch.

Avocado & Strawberry summer salad

The base of this salad is lettuce or kale. Then you can add almost everything you will find in the kitchen or supermarket. My favorite combination is to add some corn, hard boiled eggs, tomato and of course avocado. And to make it more summery strawberry or mango. I love the combination of sweet and salty, as you can see. Just top it with some cashew nuts and dried cranberries and that’s it. For the dressing either go for the vinegar and oil option as before or make a dressing in French style with some mayonnaise and mustard. Up to you!

The good thing about these salads is that you’re free to add whatever you like – more fruits, more veggies or nuts. Either way, it is the perfect match to grilled meat and/or vegetables as it gives you a light base as well.

I’m happy that I spend some lovely BBQ nights already and can’t wait to enjoy the summer full of evenings outdoors and just hold on the time even if it’s for a moment only. 

Location: Goldkind Concept, Zürich

Take care & write you soon…



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