Suit (and tie)...

Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

Spring seems to be around the corner and for me it is time for colors. In addition to that, suits shall be a trend, which is predicted to continue this year. Navy and charcoal might be the most common suit colors this season but brighter and more festive colors are gonna be the eye catcher as well. Patterns like plaid suits or paisley tuxedo jackets are also part of the topic.

Next to some articles about the trends, and the surprisingly successful series on Netflix called “Suits”, who is just showing lawyers in the most beautiful suits, GQ has like an extra section for the topic. E.g. there’s a video about how to get wrinkles out of your suit or just different features of famous actors and what kind of suits they are wearing. This just shows the relevance of these clothing items, too. And we all know: Wearing a suit is always kind of a highlight. I think it looks even better when it’s not the classy combination black and white. There are many more options to get it right.

The suit I’ve been wearing on the pictures, well… I’m in love with it. The colors, the pattern, the pocket square, it just makes you feel great. There’s not a lot more I can tell you. You just need to try it on. Sure, I could have added a tie but it doesn’t have to be that classy all the time. I like to feel free, be a bit courageous and mix it up with my own taste.

Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

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