Stylish through the winter…

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…is important for me. Yes being all wrapped-up to keep you warm sounds rather cozy than stylish. However, even, or especially during the cold winter months it’s important to dress stylish and fashionable, too. 

The winter days are rather short, cold and grey. The sun is hidden most of the time behind the fog or clouds. At least down in the city. Of course, when you are up in the mountains, you can enjoy most of the time some bright sunshine. 

But spending the days in the city, it’s rather the opposite. And to be honest, for me it’s rather hard during these days, because when it’s cold and grey it also has an impact to your overall mood, doesn’t it? So it’s more important than ever to shine from within your heart and spread positivity. 

And what helps to get into a good mood is definitely if you have fun to dress up stylish and colorful in winter, especially in winter. We need to bring some colors and fashion highlights in our wardrobe to brighten up our day, don’t we? I mean you could just dress up functionally to keep you warm and cozy, but you can also do it in a fashionable way. 

Like in the first look I decided to go bold with orange as the highlight color of the outfit. Choosing a cool sweater and shoes in that color and round it up with some basic items like light blue jeans and a beige winter coat. 

Or choose a forest green winter jacket, set some color highlights with a nice brown scarf and matching shoes, like I did in the second look. Match it with grey slim-fit jeans and a brown sweater. My new favorite sweater, by the way. 

As you can see, with some fashion highlights you will get better through the colder days and shine brighter with your looks. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the warmer days to come. What about you?

Casual OutfitZalando
Elegant Outfit: Zalando

Take care & write you soon…



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