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Suit: Hugo Boss by PKZ MEN

Do you know this feeling of freedom and unconcern? Going through the streets of a busy and big city with no need to keep pace to that hectic drive. Being able to stroll cozily along the wonderful alley and hereby having the chance to soak up the impressions of that city while the stressed business people are rushing by.

Yes, it is that feeling – that nowadays is no longer taken for granted – having TIME. Time for yourself and for the little things in life that give you so much. As for example just switch off for once and enjoy a walk in the fresh air. In doing so, notice consciously the environment instead of watching on your mobile every second if something interesting happens on social media. Even for me, I have to remind to take time for me, deliberately. Because time is a precious and valuable asset. Especially nowadays in the fast moving world it is good to take a time-out sometimes.

And what fits better than strolling around Zurich during this time-out in a timeless outfit of Hugo Boss? In my opinion when it comes to suits I like the fit of Hugo Boss the most. They have a modern and tailored cut but still timeless due to the classic look. In order to give this chic grey suit in the moment of freedom a comfy and cool look I prefer to combine it with a dark blue polo shirt and white sneakers. You think a suit and sneakers doesn’t fit? Completely wrong – it gives the outfit just a modern and hip attitude. The more formal and classic alternative would be a combination with a plain white and tailored dress shirt. Easily you have a great timeless outfit, which could be used either in business or just absolutely cool and “streetstylish”.

Therefore there is no excuse for your next time-out!

Suit: Hugo Boss by PKZ – available in the shops of PKZ MEN or online

Take care & write you soon…



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