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Can you imagine going on a hike in fashionable and fancy clothes? Well, not really! When hiking then I prefer to wear functional clothing and that might be not as fancy as the street style I am wearing usually. But hey, who cares? And moreover nowadays, there are even very stylish functional clothes available.

However, this time I decided to climb the mountain to make a fashionable photoshoot in the beautiful nature. I like the idea of melting together contradictions. Or how do we say: “Opposites attract each other?” The combination of a stylish outfit in an untouched natural environment is something beautiful.

From the nature side, I’ve chosen the go to Switzerland’s longest suspension bridge which is surrounded by a stunning forest showing its lovely fall colors. Standing there on the bridge, which was a bit like floating, and enjoying the moment to inhale and breathe the fresh air. It’s the time to reflect about my life, my job, my family & friends and appreciate what the world offers us. Especially in nature is the place where I am the most thoughtful and thankful.  And thankful as for the opportunity to discover all these places due to work.

For the fashion infusion in this nature spectacle, I’ve chosen a casual street style outfit. Just like some used chucks, jogg-pants in a jeans-optic, a black sweater and a grey coat. To make the stylish finish I added some highlights of the brand-new jewelry collection of Thomas Sabo, which fit perfectly to the nature environment. 

Jewelry: Thomas Sabo

Take care & write you soon…



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