Step up to the Milan streets…

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…and feel free and get inspired again. Every time when I am in Milan, I can walk out of my hotel door and almost see beautiful streets everywhere when looking around. I don’t know what it is what makes it special. Is it the architecture, the different light or the people itself?

I don’t have a clear answer to that and in the end I think it is a combination of all these factors who make the difference compared to home. Well maybe, it’s just as easy as the explanation that I am not used to that environment and therefore it seems special and inspiring to me.

However, I got inspired to shoot this outfit in one of these typical Milan streets. I’ve chosen to combine a rather sporty outfit and tried to give it a bit of an elegant touch with a jeans shirt and the dark blue coat which could also be perfectly worn with a suit or for a business outfit. But not only. I am a friend of mixing different clothing styles together. Wearing a suit with sneakers or a blazer or a coat with rather sporty styles like in this outfit. In general, I love to combine different blue shades. I mean with blue a man is never wrong, but just pay attention not to mix too many shades in one outfit and focus on putting similar and matching ones together.

Besides wearing blue, I am very excited to the spring season which is just ahead of us and to finally bring some colors into the wardrobe and styling. What’s in fashion for the upcoming season? What colors are a must have and how to combine? No worries, I will update you on the latest fashion in one of my next blogposts soon. So stay tuned.

Take care & write you soon…



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