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It’s not only a lifetime hit by one of the greatest and most successful bands, but also the claim of the campaign from the BFU (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) together with the FMS (Fédération Motocycliste Suisse): Stayin Alive. We all know, that there can never be enough ideas and measures to raise awareness on accident prevention. In this case, the BFU is focusing on scooter and roller drivers as well as for motorcyclist.

There are still people who are losing their lives during driving. It does not even have to be their own fault, we know that. It can often be a combination of different aspects. However, there’s one main point, which is a big problem when it comes to accidents: Light clothing. Sure, it’s fancier to wear as less as possible during summer as on holiday, but is it worth to risk our own or even someone others health? Hell no!

Wearing a helmet it's mandatory when driving scooters and motorbikes, which is good. But there’s still an important need to focus on protective gear, which can minimize an injury in an accident. With light clothing, even small crashes can lead to serious injuries.

These following points are not only recommended by the BFU but also by me – and yes, you can be stylish:

  • Helmet: just wear it. Anytime, no matter how short the distance may be. And rather go for a helmet in a flashy color. And make sure, that you try the helmet before purchase, it has to fit very well.

  • Jacket: Yes, I know it may look nice to drive in a belly top as a woman or even topless as a man. But it’s important to wear a jacket in leather or jeans, which needs to be long-sleeved. In addition to that, licensed protectors on the elbows and shoulders cover all the risky parts.

  • Gloves: Protect your hands with robust gloves out of leather.

  • Pants: It’s recommended to wear long and abrasion resistant trousers, such as bike or leather pants in the best case. Jeans might look more stylish like I’m wearing in the pictures, but to be on the safe side rather go for the more robust ones.

  • Shoes: The best choice are some boots which are covering your ankles. Sneakers or loafers are a no-go here.

It may not sound sexy, but hey, believe me, we’re now in such a fashionable world and there are even trends in this segment. So, you can minimize the risk and still look really awesome. And besides that, you’re going to be seen as an inspiring example.

Drive safely & write you soon…



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