Start your day with…

Lounge- & Nightwear: Zimmerli of Switzerland

…a smile! With a smile everything gets easier and better than you’ve actually been thinking of. Well, it’s easy to start in the day with a smile when you’re waking up in an area like this. Where you can hear the waves in front of your door and see the ocean and palms around you. And last but not least, the sun is shining most of the days.

However, no matter where you’re located, it’s all about the start in the day. It is connected with the mood you’re going to bed. When you end your day in a grumpy mood, I’m sure that the morning after won’t get any better. Why should it? In the end, it’s all about the mindset. The happier and more satisfied you’re going to bed after a busy day, the easier the morning.

I love to have some time in the morning. I even prefer to get up earlier before a job than I would actually need to. Like this, I’ve got more time to get ready, having breakfast, reading the news – this is bringing me into the mood I need. Hurrying in the morning is definitely not what I like.

So in that case, I’m wishing you a great start into the new day tomorrow.

Lounge- & Nightwear: Zimmerli of Switzerland

Take care & write you soon…



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