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…and a smile! Monday – probably the least favorite day of the week. Why? Because weekend is over and you need to go to work again. So what? Is working something bad? Not at all. If you do what you love, you will never have a problem with Monday.

Like me, I love Mondays, just because I can start creating new big things, planning new projects, meeting up with friends and business partners and just having a new week with exciting things ahead. Ok, I need to admit, that writing about how to love Mondays when actually having kinda a day off is much easier. But again, your job can’t be the reason why you don’t love Mondays.

To me, it’s much more important to do what you love instead of doing what brings you the most money in. Make your passion your occupation, if you’re able to do so. I am aware, not everyone is in the lucky situation to do what he/she loves. But if you have the chance to do so, just do it! You might take some risks but it is definitely worth it if you don’t have a problem with Mondays anymore.

And speaking about things I love, I loved to style and shoot this new fashionable outfit for this blogpost. It’s always important to start the week in style and therefore go with the fashion and of course the weather. Since the temperatures are still very low, I decided to combine this outfit with a cool knitwear jacket and a matching tie and blazer. To round it up, white sneakers are always a good choice to have a stylish street look.

Therefore, take on your favorite outfit and put a smile on your face and you’re ready to hit a successful week.

Outfit: Suitsupply

Take care & write you soon…



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