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…how to get ready for the warmer season, which is really around the corner. The weather is promising the next days and the temperatures are rising, so it’s the right time to talk about spring fashion. 

I am aware that the current situation in the world with the Coronavirus might dampens the anticipation of spring. However, we should also make some space for happy thoughts and things we love in order to stand this crisis out. And I don’t want to lower the extent of this tragedy, not at all. We reached quite a serious state and we should all stand together and take care of each other to fight this virus and to hopefully fully enjoy the good weather together again. And we will for sure!

When speaking about the new spring trends in fashion we are always coming back to an icon: denim! It’s never outdated and always so stylish and easy to combine. You can create a sporty street style look with some nice khaki pants, cool white sneakers, a white t-shirt and a jeans shirt on top. Or even go for a jeans jacket if it’s too cold yet to just wear a shirt or t-shirt. Add some cool accessories such as a beanie, sunglasses or a necklace and you are all set!

A second icon when it comes to men’s spring fashion is for sure the chino pants. Year by year it always comes back in more or less the same shapes and colors. The most known color is for sure the beige one which is at the same time the easiest one to combine to all different kinds of outfits. You can go very formal with just wearing a light blue shirt or add a cool jumper on top for the colder evenings. If you want to go more trendy, add a cool light spring jacket in a amouflage optic and you are ready to go. 

To sum up, I can say that every man needs to have a denim piece, such as shirt or jacket and a chino pants to be ready for the warmer season fashion-wise, don’t you think?

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