Spring Fashion and why GANT Chinos are…

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…a men’s fashion must-have for the upcoming spring and summer. Simply because chinos are the most favorite pants for the warmer season. Due to its lighter material it is much more comfortable to wear it on a hot summer day instead of heavy jeans. Don’t you agree? 

And besides the material being more comfortable to wear, they also look very stylish at the same time. But just make sure to choose the right size and fit when it comes to buy some new chino pants. They should have a rather slim-cut to fit your body shape well. Please avoid to buy too tight ones, because it doesn’t look really good. And also not too baggy ones. Yes, you can go a bit slimmer compared to jeans because the material is usually stretchier. However, you should be comfortable to sit down and stand up without the fear of having bursting pants. 

We talked about how to find the right size of your chinos but let’s check now on the styling options you have for your new summer pants. One thing up front, you almost can’t go wrong when combining the chinos to any of your outfits. Of course depending of the color of the pants. But if you go for a classic color like beige, light brown, white or dark blue you have so many different styling options. You can wear it with a t-shirt, tanktop, light sweater in almost every color. And don’t be shy and go for bright colors on top. For the color of the chinos I would rather suggest to stay decent and classy. The times of all the different colored chinos are over, at least for now. But as you know, in fashion, everything will be returning somehow. 

Back to today’s outfit and the options of combinations you have. You also don’t need to worry about the shoe choice. From white sneakers, flipflops, loafers to very elegant shoes, you can combine almost everything. 

And when speaking about elegants shoes. Of course the chinos are the perfect pants for business or more formal events in summer. You can simply add a dress shirt and a blazer on top and you are ready business-wise. 

As you can see one chino – endless fashionable styling options!

Outfit: GANT

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