Spring 2018 inspiration…

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… or let’s say imagination. At least if you are living in Switzerland these past days. It’s more like deepest winter with minus degrees and lots of snow. But well, we’re just at the beginning of March. However, meteorological spoken we are already in spring since the 1st of March. Hard to believe except you have a very good imagination.

Or you just escape to a much sunnier and warmer place as I did. I traveled this week to Dubai. Then it’s pretty easy to imagine it’s spring, well I already felt like in summer. I could spend nights outside with just wearing a t-shirt and sunbathing during the day with hot temperatures. It was a quick but relaxing and recharging getaway.

Anyways, when speaking about what to wear, we still can have a look at some spring inspirations in fashion, even if the weather is not like that. Men’s fashion doesn’t change that much for the coming spring/summer season when it comes to colors. One dominating color was and is blue, in all its different shades. And to be honest, blue is also a color I like the most; easy to combine and stylish at the same time. And it sends the message of calmness, relaxation and calm.

Tthat’s why I’ve chosen this trendy spring outfit. The faded blue suit with its loose-fit pants and cool details is just perfect for some fancy and stylish spring or summer nights. With this casual suit you are perfectly dressed for any kind of event in the spring season. And this time I didn’t combine it with a dress shirt – that’s kind of boring. I’d rather prefer a light sweater in dark blue with white highlights. This sweater can be worn alone with blue jeans as a fashion statement itself thanks to its perfect slim-fit cut. To round the look up just add some cool white sneakers and you are all set.

In some of the next posts I will also show you how to combine this new suit in a different and more casual way with another big trend for the coming season: big prints.

Outfit: PKZ MEN

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