Let’s keep up with a sporty and urban…

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…combination to get ready for a sunny weekend which is almost around the corner. Most probably you know, that I love to combine different styles and one of my favorite combination is a sporty and urban one. Sportswear doesn’t always have to be worn in the gym or for a workout, right?

So, I love to add some sporty clothing pieces to my every day look. I mean the most common ones are of course the sneakers. Originally, back in the days, made to practice sports. That’s why they generally have a good fit, are very comfortable and long-lasting. In the beginning the were made and especially worn for its function – to have a perfect pair of shoes for your workout. 

But later some discovered that sneakers are not only the functional sports shoes anymore. Thanks to their comfy characteristics they could also be transferred into our everyday wardrobe, especially combined with a casual look. Therefore, designers implemented them in their main collections and developed new designs and styles. And nowadays, sneakers can be even combined with a business look. 

Not only the sneakers can be worn in a casual every day look, also a comfy sweater or a sweatpants even. There are almost no limitations in combining sporty clothing pieces with casual or even business ones. But in the business sector you have to pay a little more attention on what you combine. Otherwise, feel free and be creative! 

Outfit: Zalando Casual

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