Sports fashion to hit an outdoor gym…

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…in hot and sunny Cape Town or anywhere in the world where the weather is that beautiful to do your workout outdoors. But do you even care about your style when working out? Has sports fashion a special meaning to you? Are you fancy about having the latest fashion trends and the coolest cuts and styles?

Well, I am very into fashionable sports wear and stylish and matching outfits for my workout sessions. I don’t know why, but I feel more motivated whenever I wear new gym or sport clothes which are fitting perfectly my body and matching in color and material. Being dressed up nicely and trendy gives me some extra power for the workout. I know, some of you may say that they don’t care at all about their sports clothing, because they’re working out and sweating anyway and that they don’t need to look good in it.

However, it’s not only about the look and the outfit itself. Because when you are dressed nicely you feel it and therefore you have a total different appearance and charism. The feel-good vibe can be also felt by others and is kind of infectious. 

Therefore, I always make up my mind when putting together a sports outfit, either for gym, running, tennis or something else. I love to be dressed in the trendy latest fashion and love to try out new colors, especially in sports it’s easy to go a bit bold and bright. Because hey, it’s only a sports outfit. At the moment the high-rise sport socks in white or black in combination with shorts are trendy for me. I think this retro-look is very popular again at the moment.

So think about it the next time and try out some new things. You will feel the change. 

Sporty & fashionable weekend to all of you guys!

Take care & write you soon...



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