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…everywhere you go! Because music is life, at least for me. I couldn’t imagine a life without music. Well, maybe I could but it would be very pale and boring. Music is the key. It gives the right emotions and mood for any situation. Cheers you up in positive moments or helps you through rather sad ones. 

Therefore, it’s important for me to listen to music in good quality and whenever I am in the mood for it. Nothing easier than with the SONOS MOVE in the brand-new color Lunar White. The stylish portable speaker fits perfectly into any room in your house or apartment but can be taken with you everywhere you go. So no more compromises in sound quality when being out of home. With the SONOS MOVE you can enjoy brilliant sound and experience a. surprisingly deep bass, no matter where you are. 

Thanks to the battery life of eleven hours you can listen on-the-go all day long connected via Bluetooth with your mobile phone. Listen to more than 100 streaming services which can be all controlled via the Sonos App, even with only using your voice. And you don’t need to be afraid of taking your SONOS MOVE with you. It is built with a durable shell to withstand falls, bumps, rain, moisture and dust. Also UV rays and extreme temperatures won’t hurt the speaker. 

So it’s the perfect speaker to take on vacation with you, as I did when I was in Ibiza. Because I don’t want to miss out on good music while being on holiday. Because music can be so inspiring. That’s why I want to listen to my morning playlist during my breakfast at the pool to have a good and energizing start into the day. 

Music can also be so motivating. So I won’t miss on listening to my fitness playlist when doing a workout session. Music can especially be so much fun which means it’s essential to take the SONOS MOVE with me when going to the beach.

And music can also be so calming and relaxing. So why don’t we end a romantic evening with brilliant sound and a wonderful sunset?

So many different occasion to listen to music and to make a moment even more enjoyable and memorable. And only one single item needed thanks to the cool and stylish speaker that can be taken anywhere. 


Take care & write you soon…



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