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Outfit: Hugo Boss

You already know that I’m totally in love with leather jackets and elegant suits in general. For many years already I just adore these pieces, also because of my previous occuption of course. For me, both of them are must-haves for every man. The leather jacket is so easy to combine with everything and you’re just dressed within seconds. This fits my schedule as I’m often in a rush and don’t have the time for a long styling in the early morning. If there’s some more time to think about the outfit, a suit (or parts of it) often matches in an easy way. Whether you need a whole suit for a gala event or just the classic trousers and the shirt, which you can combine with sneakers and a nice or even fancy vest for a more casual situation. There are no limits. It is always much fun for me to break conventions and trying out something new.

When it comes to this fall/winter season, suits are mentioned everywhere. And with it comes the trend to plaid material. This seems to be a trend, which is already lasting for such a long time. Not only for suits but also other pieces. And there’s no end in sight. But it’s easy to understand why, at least for me. Whether you’re going for a plaid coat, a plaid shirt or plaid classic trousers – it is the eyecatcher right away. It always works, it doesn’t have to be that colorful at all. The impact may be even bigger then, but there’s not always the right moment to attract that much attention. It just works. It is fairly enough just to have one piece of your outfit in the plaid-look (as in my current styling the trousers). Understatment ist the way you have to go for your next classy but stylish outfit.

In my opinion, it really is the combination that creates the “wow-effect”, for which I’m always looking for. I even would love to combine the outfit with white sneakers just to break a little the classy look. However it just needs to match your charisma and should be as authentic as possible. Therefore just try new things out. I am excited to see your favorite outfits of this fall/winter season.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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