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This saying is not wrong, but does not fit at every gadget when it comes to technology. We see more and more the bigger sized products, which are in focus of our attention. See the bigger iPhones and Samsung smartphones. When you've been used to your iPhone 5 then the newer iPhones are quite half an iPad.

When you take a look at the computers, then the saying might be right. Every gadget needs to be thinner, lighter, more stylish but still high-performance. We often reduce our focus to the new models - MacBooks and notebooks in general or tablet computers. But let us think back to our first education 10-15 years ago - not that long ago - where we needed to bend down every morning to turn off the huge computers. And I'm sure you remember the noise depending on the utilized capacity. There were days you could not know if your computer will make it to the next day. 

The Swiss company Prime Computer does fill this gap with the PrimeMini 3. They offer a new solution instead of these old and familiar computers and satisfy the needs we have today - including high-performance. This is why PrimeMini 3 is ideal as a desktop computer. The computers are produced in Switzerland and stands for sustainability in the IT industry. In addition to that, it is a small, unhearable and energy-efficient computer. Due to the construction, there is no need to think about maintenance tasks - so you save a lot of money. You can choose whether you like to have the computer with Windows or not. More information here.

PrimeMini can be used as a desktop computer at home for basic tasks as home-office, accounting or surfing. However, you can also work on more complex tasks as editing photos and films. In addition to that, you can integrate PrimeMini 3 in your home cinema and use it as a media player. This little computer is a little wunderkind with variable forms of utilization, high-performance and nice design. Because of the case you can take it on your trips, too - connect it to your TV in your hotel room and use the comfort there.

By the way: Prime Computer is offering two Christmas specials: You get the PrimeMini Slim in a Christmas special prize for CHF 999. Or you get the PrimeMini 3 including an additional external Samsung HD (250GB) for free. It's a great offer for a sustainabile, Swiss made Christmas present. And well, you can also try your best at the Christmas lottery to win the PrimeMini: Like my post, like their Facebook site, subscribe to their newsletter, and that's it - there's no easier way. Good Luck!

Computer: PrimeMini 3

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