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It feels like the day has got 20 dark hours at the moment. It’s quite dark and foggy until 8am and again around 4.30pm already. But thanks to the sun, which is giving us some light and sunrays during the daytime, the days are really beautiful during the last time.

The time just after the sun set is really special. Walking through the streets or near the water is a relaxing part of the day. If I’ve got the opportunity for an evening walk, I love to do it. Changing my outfit to a casual trainer or something similar and just walking out of my house and stroll for a moment. Breathe in the fresh air, the lightings everywhere, people, who are finishing their work and closing their shops. Or seeing accordion musician, who’s playing almost all day in front of my house in this cold weather. It just gives the certain amount of time without any stress, which I enjoy.

Walking in general is such a good thing to do, I think. Morning walks as well, with the special silence in the early part of the day where no one seems to be around. It always gives me some time for reflection – especially now when another year will be gone soon. Sitting beside the pond in my neighborhood, looking around, seeing all the animals and the nature – these moments are really peaceful and absolutely priceless.

Outfit: nnim clothing

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