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Complexity is an interesting thing in discussions, opinions and in every part of our lives. However, when it comes to fashion, it does not always have to be that complex and complicated. In my opinion, you can put together a really nice outfit with just “normal” pieces – it does not always have to be a catchy color nor a really impressive (and expensive) jacket. But I think in every outfit there should be like one specialty, even if you can’t see it at first sight.

Let’s have a look at this spring outfit here: It consists of nice but simple blue jeans, a olive green leather jacket and a white sweater. And last but not least, the shoes give you the feeling of an early summer here as they are kina summer sneakers. None of these three pieces is really like a WOW-piece itself but together it’s the perfect match.

Having a look at the specialty I’ve mentioned, it is clearly the sweater. The cut, the material and how it shapes your upper body makes it the highlight in this casual outfit. But well, the color may not be for everyone since white let you look rather pale. It really depends on your tan and the hair color. But the most important thing is to wear what you’re feeling comfortable with.

Strolling through the streets with some warmer spring temperatures, you’re perfectly dressed like this. And I’m happy to show you more and more fashionable outfits for the upcoming spring and summer season.

Outfit: Esprit

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