Shades of blue...

Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

Well, you know that blue is one of my favorite colors. And here, I just fell in love with this location, even though it’s rather a small spot than a big location. And I simply had to wear this color.

The wall, its color, the nature in front of it, the lighting. A kind of combination you could wear simply anything. However, I’ve decided to go with blue – blue jeans, different shades of blue in shirt and light blue sunnies. Without the plants, the wall looks like an ordinary wall you can find everywhere. But I just think that the combination with the plants in front of it makes me think “wow”.

What two beautiful and sunny days we’ve had this week, even though my week is full of work. However, I cannot wait to feel this summer vibe here as well. It just makes everything lighter and easier. The days are longer, the sun stays out till late and I love to sit outside having a drink or barbeque until the sun goes down.

I hope you’re having a great week so far and wish you an even better ending.

Take care & write you soon…



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