Scent for the senses…

Fragrance: Bentley Momentum

Don’t you know this situation when a person is rushing by and you just smell her/his scent and it immediately reminds you of a familiar person as for example your mother, your teenage girl-/boyfriend or your math teacher of the primary school.

It is scientifically proven, that we connect odors with memories we had in the past. Well, not always it is of positive nature. If you didn’t like your teacher in the primary school for instance, you most probably don’t like a person you meet, wearing the same fragrance. And I also don’t know if it as good fact if your date wears the same scent as for example your mother or your father. Of course it depends on the relationship you have with your parents. But even if you have a good one, I personally would prefer not having the identical fragrances.

In any case, don’t underestimate the impact scent has to humans when meeting other people. And hereby I don’t only talk about fragrances. Also the own body odor, of which everyone has a different one, is very important for the decision if you like a person or not.

With the right fragrance it can be improved or at least prevent of spreading negative odors, of course. Anyways, I prefer not changing my fragrance too often, since otherwise you can’t build up your own personal note. And a good fact if you stick to similar ones: people recognize you by smelling your fragrance.

Parfüm: Bentley Momentum

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