Santorini – the ultimate travel goal or…

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…at least what I could have assumed when hearing people takling about this beautiful greek island. This summer, you might have noticed it, I traveled to Santorini for the very first time. And when I was telling to people and my friends before my trip about my plans, the echo was in unison: „You are absolutely going to love that island – even more than Mykonos, promised!“

So my expectations towards Santorini were high, maybe too high. Then like always in life, when you have high expectations, the chance of failure or disappointment is quite high too. That’s what describes it best. Well, it sounds now that Santorini is a disappointment, NO – not at all! Don’t get me wrong here. I truly love this island, the beautiful white houses with their blue roofs according to the greek flag, the delicious food, the cute restaurants and shops in the narrow alleys and the beautiful volcanic nature and beaches. All in all – Santorini is definitely worth to travel there and a so called travel goal. 

However, to me just not the ultimate one. As much as I love all the above mentioned aspects about the island I still didn’t get the full vibe though. And compared to Mykonos, I have to say Santorini lost, in my opinion at least. Well, I think it depends on what kind of vacation you are planning. If you rather want to have a calm and romantic one, then you definitiely should go to Santorini, which has that romantic flair and is for sure ten times calmer than Mykonos, which became more and more a party island, but not only.

So, if you like the cheers and bustle and that something is going on with beach clubs, parties and so on, then you definitely should go to Mykonos. Or the best thing is, what I did this year: Go to Mykonos first, enjoy the parties, beach clubs, the lively village and then add some relaxing and recharging days in beautiful and calm Santorini. Spend some days at the beach, discover the little villlages, go for a hike or do a sailing trip. There’s nothing better than this. 

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