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…is more than just wine. Then we’re talking about wine from the Spanish region Rioja. One of the most known wine production areas and where one of my favorite wines are coming from. Because there, wine is not just grapes which are processed to the final good. It’s beyond that. Their credo is “saber quién eres” which means “know who you are” or “where you are coming from”.


The Tradition of Rioja

Therefore, behind each bottle of wine out of the Rioja there is a long tradition, generations over generations. There are people, who invest unconditionally their time, passion and love into the production of their wines, always aiming to get the best result. And this is reflected in the quality of the wines and can be experienced when enjoying a bottle of Rioja wine. 


Wine Moments

And speaking about enjoying wine, there are so many different ways to enjoy a nice glass of Rioja wine. Yes, I have to admit, I am a wine lover, especially red wine. A good glass of red wine belongs to every fancy dinner night in a chic restaurant. Wine paired with a delicious dinner menu, that’s a must have for me. 

But there are so many more occasions to drink wine. For example as I already showed in one of my last Instagram posts, it is the perfect companion for a romantic picnic in the nature, near the water with some delicious snacks. And what’s best to snack when drinking a good glass of red wine? Why don’t you choose some different cold cuts, fresh cheese and bread. It’s that easy. 

I also love to drink wine in groups or let’s say I love to share wine. The best wine is the one shared with your friends and family. Don’t you agree? There is nothing more casual and relaxing to me, than being surrounded by my friends drinking wine, either at home, in a restaurant or on a cozy rooftop. Enjoying a good glass of red wine and having deep conversations about everything and anything. That’s real quality time, I would say. 

Last but not least, I also love to enjoy a glass of Rioja wine by myself. Just me, my wine and maybe a good book. That’s what I call a perfect cozy night. I think in life it’s not always about the big things. Sometimes it’s good to take consciously some time for yourself, to indulgence into the moment, inhale the peace and silence and just enjoy the time. 

How does your perfect wine moment look like?

Wine: Rioja

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