The return of the leather jacket...

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…leather jacket. We’re still enjoying the late summer with sunny and hot days. However, in the nights it’s cooling down quite fast and we need to think about our fall wardrobe sooner or later. And what comes with the fall fashion? Of course, light jackets or sweaters to pull over when it gets cold. 

And when speaking about jackets there is one evergreen in men’s fashion, well even in women’s fashion as well: the leather jacket. It’s never out of fashion, but it falls into oblivion during summer. Understandably. I mean how could you think about a heavy leather jacket when it’s nearly 40 degrees Celsius outside? But with the colder nights and soon the colder days as well, the leather jacket will have its glorious return. And I am looking forward to it. 

To me, it is such a stylish clothing piece and belongs to every men’s wardrobe. Just because you can style it in so many different and fashionable ways. Either you just go very casual like I did with basic black pants, a white shirt and the jacket on top. Put on your sunglasses and you have a pretty cool look. 

It can also be styled a bit more classy with wearing a dress shirt underneath or even a jeans shirt. The dress shirt gives it a more classy and elegant look, especially if you pair it with black elegant loafers. When it gets colder and more into winter, I also like to combine it with a warm sweater and the leather jacket on top. Very stylish too, I need to say. 

In any case, just have fun to take the leather jacket out of your wardrobe and feel free in combining. 

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