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When the weather is turning to get wet, windy and cold it’s time to think about a spa getaway. Honestly, during this season there is nothing better than relaxing a few days or even just for a weekend in a nice and cozy hotel to give your mind and body the best treatment deserved.

I don’t have to mention that I am a lover of relaxing, sleeping and recharging – I mean who’s not? But I just don’t have often the time to do so. But dreaming and writing about is at least something. However, when it comes to a relaxing getaway, I am more the type who loves the active relaxation, means doing a refreshing run or any sports session in the morning and then get the total relaxation in the spa area to calm down and find the inner peace.

Yesterday, while shooting some exciting projects for my blog, I had the chance to discover a new hotel in Zurich. Well, it’s not that new at all, it opened few years ago, but it was new to me, since I’ve never been there before. And I really loved it from the beginning. It’s a boutique hotel in which the architecture combines the industrial history of Zurich (it’s in the building of a former brewery) with modern and urban design elements. It’s the perfect getaway in the center of Zurich with a nice spa as well.

And I really hope I can make such a getaway in a beautiful hotel as soon as possible and let you be part of it when reporting about in one of my next blogposts.

Location: B2 Boutique Hotel, Zürich

Take care & write you soon…



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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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