The real meaning of street style is…

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…walking the streets in style. But what does that mean? What kind of fashion style is street style? Can street style also be formal or elegant? Or is it just casual wear? Are there different street styles depending on the city you’re living in right now?

Questions over questions and to be honest I don’t have the right answers to all of them. Or let’s say I have an opinion about it which might be right, but the truth could also be the complete opposite of what I am thinking. However, since we are talking about fashion there is no right or wrong. Well, maybe there are some rules, but what makes fashion so special is the freedom and creativity you have with it. 

Going back to the questions in the beginning. In my opinion the saying «walking the street in style» is matching and therefore street style in Europe may be different than it is in America or even more different than in Asia, Australia or Africa. Street style in general is a more casual look which is comfortable to wear and to walk (and also to sit?) the street. To be comfy in every situation in your daily life. Street style is very trendy and fashionable. So it can be a mix of basic casual clothes and some fashion it-pieces. 

Like I tried to implement in my latest pictures. With these cool new sneakers – I really love them – and the black leather bag I tried to set highlights with some fashionable it-pieces and styled a cool street look around it, according to the temperatures right now. So I just went for basic beige chino pants with a good fit and a turquoise t-shirt taking up some color from the shoes. Setting up this cool outfit in a stylish environment and that’s it. 

How do you like my interpretation of street style?

Sneakers & bag: Bally

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