The pumpkin season is on…

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…and this means we’re in the middle of autumn. And what should I say, yes maybe one of my favorite season. Not only because it was my birthday yesterday. It’s more about the nature. I think it’s so beautiful in autumn. 

The colors of the trees are changing to yellow, orange, purple and many more colors and it’s just one wonderful picture when walking through a forest. I even kind of like the fog in the mornings but only if it’s followed by sunshine later in the day. And what could be better than a beautiful autumn day, with nice temperature, not too cold and not too warm and pure sunshine. 

Visiting a farm, looking for some pumpkins either to decorate your home or cook, drinking a hot tea, sitting on a terrace and enjoying the sunrise or strolling around the lake – so many nice things to do in this golden season of the year. 

But in fall it’s also the time when I realize how fast the year went by already and it also means that Christmas is around the corner, but that’s another topic and we will postpone it a little still. 

Let’s enjoy some beautiful days outside as long as we don’t have to be fully wrapped up and covered in clothes.

Take care & write you soon…



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