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A man looks better in a suit, they say. And I kind of agree with that. But it makes a big difference what suit he wears and especially what kind of dress shirt underneath. Because we often care about a nice well fitted suit and totally forget about the dress shirt. 

And that is totally the wrong approach. Because so often, especially in summer we’re taking off the blazer and if there isn’t a well fitted dress shirt underneath, the overall look is incomplete. And even if you wear the blazer, you can really see if there isn’t worn the perfect dress shirt. 

As we know now, that we should care about our dress shirt, the question is where to get the perfect one? Because in men’s fashion regarding suits and business wear, there are so many suppliers and shops providing the suitable clothing. But to me, and I am speaking of experience since I worked 10 years for a bank and had to wear a suit every day, one of the best supplier is ETERNA. The shirts are just so comfortable to wear and stylish at the same time. The selection of styles, patterns and colors is just amazing and I think every men will find its suitable pieces. And not only for men though. They also provide fashion and blouses for women.  

And one essential thing not to forget about is the fit of a dress shirt. With the premium shirts 1863 by ETERNA you can choose between three different fits: slim fit, modern fit and comfort fit. But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and that it fits your body shape. It doesn’t have to be a slim fit shirt just because it’s in fashion and everyone else is wearing it. If you rather prefer a modern fit, which is a bit looser but still shaped or even a comfort fit, where you might feel more comfortable in moving, go for it.

In any case, I am sure you will find the right shirt for your next gala event, wedding, birthday party or just for business, because as I said the premium dress shirts 1863 by ETERNA are not only comfortable and in high quality but also very stylish. 

So take the chance, suit up and get your premium look!

Dress shirts: ETERNA
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