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Timepiece & cuff: Daniel Wellington

It’s quite scary how time is passing by so fast. There is no need to say what kind of bad things happen every day; we all know that. Living in Switzerland is one of the most valuable gifts we have, though. But we often forget to appreciate that due to having “no time”. This is why I’d like to stop the clock from time to time just for the sake of having longer days and weeks.

I guess we’re really living in the “no time”-generation. Everyone seems too busy, as we emphasize it whenever we can. The weekdays are packed with work, the evenings with meetings, sports or another kind of work, the weekend with seeing family and friends or sleeping. The problem isn’t only the fact that we like full agendas (and want to have no time for our own), but that we overload ourselves with things we don’t need. There are many people who are trapped in their daily life, which they don’t love and waste a lot of time. And you can see it at the very first moment you look at them.

I can tell that easily, you think. But I’ve also had to make the decision, taking risks, having the courage and try what I really wanted to do with no idea whether it’s gonna work out or not. And well, it turned out to be the right decision. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to follow his or her dreams immediately, but everyone can work towards it a little bit while just taking the time it needs. Even if you don’t reach it exactly the way you wanted, I’m sure the time you’re putting effort into it, makes you happier already.

We should start to give time the value it really deserves. It’s the only thing we can’t buy (next to health and real love), and it’ll never come back again. No article of value can ever replace the time we’re giving to our beloved ones. It is the thing that counts in the end, as these are the memories we carry on.

Timepiece & cuff: Daniel Wellington

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