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For me, the kind of place you can see on this series of photos is always an invitation to reflect. It is letting me focus on myself and my personal inner strength, something we all carry with us. Sometimes this strength is stronger, sometimes weaker. But it is always right with us, we just cannot always notice it. Quite similar to the waves in the big ocean.

Walking down the steps to this spot, watching out to the sea, listening the waves – it simply has something peaceful. Relaxing, calming and meditative at the same time. Sure, reflection is something we should be able to do anywhere. It doesn’t really matter where we are, how the weather is, how the location looks like or who’s there. Nonetheless, beautiful locations help to get quicker into the necessary state and mood of reflection.

And well, speaking of reflection. It’s clearly something difficult. Sure, it is easier to ignore changes in our life, in our thoughts than to face them and reflect the situations. But I’m not sure whether this is the right kind of attitude or just the more convenient way. And convenient doesn’t always mean good.

Have a great start into a hopefully sunny weekend!

Take care & write you soon,



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