Paris – the city of love or…

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…a city to fall in love with? Well the french expression: «Paris, je t’aime» is definitely an appropriate describtion since the french capital is totally romantic. This is mainly because of its history and the beautiful architecture out of the 19th century.

Paris is one of the leading major cities regarding culture, art, fashion and fine dining. And it’s also very famous for its café scene. You can find almost at every corner a café where you will see all the parisian sitting outside having their coffee, lunch and chatting with each other.

But what makes Paris even more beautiful is the the historic vibes there. It’s very impressive to walk through the streets and seeing all the stunning buildings and monuments. I always have the impression that there are beautiful sights at each and every corner. It’s definitely a trip worth for all the lovers of sight seeing. And there are beautiful photo spots wherever you are looking at. 

So I totally understand why it is called the city of love. I guess spending a weekend in that beautiful and historic city as a couple can be very romantic. Strolling along the river «Seine», visiting an interesting art muesum (the most famous one is clearly the «Louvre»), having lunch at a lively Boulevard, going on top of the Eiffel Tower and later on dining in a beautiful restaurant with french cuisine and staying in a typical parisian hotel. Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it?

Take care et à bien tôt…



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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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